THM Customer Support Team


Our Claims Consultants are experienced in the claims process and dealing with the insurance companies for more than 10 years. Their main responsibility is to advise the customer on how to select the best alternative to repair the damaged vehicle.

Based on factors such as the amount of the excess, NCB, and the status of the customer’s insurance and the insurance of the third party involved, the Claims Consultant will advise the customer to either do a cash repair, conduct an Own Damage Claim, Third Party Claim, or other ways to solve the problem. The Claims Consultant will select an alternative that best suit the particular needs of the customer.

After the decision is made, the Claims Consultant will help the customer to proceed the standard procedures with collection of all the necessary documents and submit them to insurance company, and follow up on the approval letter. When the whole claim process is done and the vehicle is fully repaired, the customer will notify to come to collect the vehicle.

Besides the claims process, our Claims Consultant also provide advice on how to shop and select the best insurance cover, which type of cover is suitable to the customer, and anything that are related to automobile insurance.

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