Towing & Rescue Team

Either you are an individual vehicle owner or an operator of a fleet of vehicles; you can avoid all the hassles and worries by become a THM Panel Customer.  As a THM Panel Customer, you are assured of safe rescue of your stranded vehicle and driver with just one phone call.  Our Support & Rescue Team is always ready to assist our customer on 24 hours basis.

The Support & Rescue Team consists of:

 Rescue Service Representatives (RSR)

We have 16 Rescue Service Representatives patrolling around Klang Valley on a 24 hour basis.  They are traveling in passenger cars that equipped with communication equipment to constantly keep in touch with our HQ dispatch control department.

Their main responsibility is to standby and alert for any accident information.  Once they received accident information from the Dispatch Control Department, they will rush to the accident scene immediately.  According to our statistics, most of the time our RSRs can reach the accident scene in less than 10 minutes if the accident occurred in Klang Valley.

When they arrived the accident scene, their first job is to check for any injured.  If there are any driver or passengers suffered injuries, our RSRs will send them to the nearest hospital for medical treatment.  The quick reaction time of our RSRs ensure the high survival rate of any injured drivers or passengers.  Besides rescue service, the RSRs will ensure the whole process run smoothly by redirecting the traffic, arrange for tow trucks, helping the customer to lodge police report and apply for all related legal documentation and send the customer home.

 Towing Team

The towing team consists of 4 experienced towing specialists and 4 adequately equipped tow trucks.  Like the Rescue Service Representatives, the towing team also operates on a 24 hours basis. The main responsibility of the towing team is standby for any accident or breakdown towing assignments.

Beside the 4 standard tow trucks, the towing team also has a 10 tones tow truck standby for heavy commercial vehicles towing or any difficult towing tasks such as vehicle fell into cleft or river.

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 Dispatch Control Department

The Dispatch Control Department is the control center for the whole Support & Rescue Team.  The Department consists of 3 Dispatch Controllers working in 3 shifts on a 24 hours basis.  They have extensive knowledge in the geographical layout of Klang Valley, Selangor and other areas in Malaysia.  This knowledge helps them to acquire information correctly when a customer or informer calls in to report an accident.  Immediately after the phone conversation, the Dispatch controller will channel the information to all the Rescue Service Representatives and Towing specialists through wireless radios, hand phones, etc..

After all the RSRs received the information, the one nearest to the accident scene will dash to the scene.  During the whole process, the Dispatch controller will maintain constant communication with the RSRs to guide them to the correct location.  The fast and accurate information given by the Dispatch Controller is critical to assure RSRs will arrive the accident scene as soon as possible.

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