Own Damage Claims

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1. My car met with an accident. What type of claim should I make?

The type of claim you can make depends on the coverage of your motor policy. You can make an Own Damage claim for the damages to your vehicle only if your policy is a comprehensive coverage. Your NCD will be forfeited in the process. Third party coverage does not cover the damages to your vehicle. It will only be limited to the legal liability to third parties involving death, bodily injury and/or loss or damage to property. However, if the accident is not your fault, you can make a Third Party claim against insurer of the other party’s vehicle. For comprehensive policy, you can also make a No Fault Own Damage claim directly with your insurer where your NCD will not be forfeited No-Fault Own Damage Claim).

2. How do I make an Own Damage claim?

Please refer to our Motor Claims section for details.

3. Do I have to repair my car in a workshop authorized by the insurance company?

Yes, as stated in the policy conditions, you are required to send/tow your damaged car to a PIAM (Persatuan Insuran Am Malaysia) approved panel of workshops.

4.  I was surrounded by several tow truck operators at the accident scene offering to tow my damaged car. Who should I choose? Where should I tow my car?

You have the rights to choose any tow truck operators of your choice but please ensure it is insurance authorized panel workshop in order to avoid any inconveniences when making your insurance claim. For your peace of mind, you may call THM Auto Assist at 03-62512626 for assistance. Upon receiving your call, we will dispatch tow truck to tow your car. Your car will be towed to the nearest Police Station first in order for you to make a police report where photographs of your damage vehicle will be taken and finally, towed to the workshop for repairs.

5. What happens after I have submitted the claim form and all the supporting documents for my Own Damage claim?

Upon receiving your claim, insurance’s claim department will assign an Adjuster or our in-house loss surveyor to assess the damages to your car, if it is not already done at the scene of the accident, in order to prepare the Adjuster report. Provided all required documents are in order, your claim will be processed. An approval letter stating the amount offered for the claim and discharge voucher will be prepared for your collection. The workshop can proceed with the repairs once receiving a copy of the offer letter signed by you. Payment for the repairs will be dealt with between insurance company and the workshop. You will have to bear any charges not covered by the claim such as excess, betterment or other uninsured charges. You will have to sign the discharge voucher when collecting your repaired car from the workshop.

6. What is a Knock for Knock (KFK) claim?

KFK Claim is a claim made by an insured against the third party insurers for the cost of repairs in the event of an accident in accordance to the KFK agreement.

7. I was involved in a chain collision with 4 cars as shown below. Who should I claim the damages to my vehicle from?


If and should the collision of your vehicle and to the vehicle immediately in front is caused by the impact of the vehicle behind you, then the Third Party claimed against you by the vehicle in front will not affect your NCD.

  • Parked vehicles
  • Where the front vehicle makes a “U” turn
  • Vehicles not travelling in the same direction; or
  • Foreign registered vehicles

8. What is No-Fault Own Damage (ODN) claim and the advantages to Policyholders?

Based on the revised PIAM guideline effective 1 June 2001, you can now make a No-Fault Own Damage (ODN) claim for damages to your vehicle in the event of an accident that is not your fault against your insurer instead of to the insurer of the other party’s vehicle and your NCD will not be forfeited. Therefore, you will enjoy faster claims settlement service by dealing directly with your insurer.

9. What is the difference between Knock For Knock (KFK) claim & ODN claim?

KFK Claim is a claim made by an insured against the third party insurers for the cost of repairs whereas for ODN, insured can claim the cost of repairs under his own comprehensive policy without affecting the NCD.

10. How do I make an ODN Claim?

You need to submit the following documents, in addition to the required supporting documents for Own Damage Claim:

b) The police findings, police sketch plan & keys & the Third Party police report as proof

11. Can I make an ODN claim if my car was knocked by an unknown vehicle while being parked in a car park?

12. Can I make ODN claim if I’m driving or the other party is driving a taxi, bus or a hire & reward vehicle?

No, Taxi / bus / hire & reward vehicles are not covered within the scope of ODN claims as per the revised KFK Agreement.